Friday, April 8, 2011

Dan Vs. Charicter Guide

 Another thing that didin't go much of anywhere but still wasn't half bad. Enjoy.

This will be a tad bit shorter than the previous guide but the embed of Undergrads is kindof covering up the page and theres only three. But first my thoughts on Dan Vs.

Dan Vs. is another Hub show, created by Dan Mandel and Chris Person about Dan, a short angry angry man who thinks the world is against him silent bob. He bascially spends most episodes trying to get revenge, justified or not, against whoever, or whatever, Person, Place, or Thing wronged him which at this point is: New Mexico, A Werewolf, A Dentist, A Ninja, The Animal Shelter Across the Street, Canada, California(where the show takes place) Traffic, The Local Shakespearean Dinner Theater, Baseball, The Local Beach, The Salvation Army, and George Washingtons Ghost.. Yeah it's a weried show but a good one.

Dan is for all intesnive purposes a raging jackass who goes after, as you can tell, anything and anyone, and has surprising knowledge on certain subjects. And rest assured if you've wronged him no matter who you are he will find you and get his vengance.

Chris is Dan's happily married best freind and extreme doormat. No matter how much abuse Dan heaps on him, Chris keeps hanging out with him: partly because any and all attempts to tell dan no are either ignored or yelled at until Christ helps him. Chris also has quite the appetite and has eaten posion meatloaf(though he didin't know it was poisned and it wasn't meant for him, but he ate the whole thing), soap filled soup, and planned to eat hot dogs covred in pepper spray. He's a good guy, but fate and dan are just not kind to him.

Elise, the final of the three main charicters, Elise ocasanally tags along on the former duo's adventures and also apparently works for the NSA, building super computers and fighitng russian terrorists. She's quite competent compared to teh other two and like dan with.... anything if you harm her husband she will find you and you'll wish dan was the one after you. But unlike the other two, while she appears in every episode as I said she usually dosen't play an incredibly large roll a few plots aside.

So that's Dan Vs. Look forward to my upcoming thoughts on the season so far and my review of the season as a whole when the season finsihes. Until Next Time:Courage

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