Friday, April 8, 2011

MLP:Freindship is Magic Charicater Guide and Introduction

 Another project that didin't go much of anywhere but is still a good primer for the series.

As you may know from my post not but a few hours ago, I am undertaking an epic quest.... and when I say epic quest I mean watching internet sesation and acutally pretty good cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Now before any of you begin any possible jackassery, though I know most of you denizens of the deep, er I mean the internet won't but I"m being safe, I want you to know that I too was skeptical. I took one look at the commercials and went "Really, are they serious?". Then I gradually started to hear more and more about it until about last week A.D. when I was at The Random W Plan Livestream and saw the second half of the pilot, though I still need to see the first episode and possibly said 2nd episode again. Anywho, I was.. impressed. I mean it wasn't anything spectacular but I could tell effort had been put in. And with watching more episodes, it really depends. Some are really good, show off good, well rounded charicters that play off of each other.

Now I'm not saying it's all a bed of roses or that it's not girly, because it's about magical ponies so this was really unavodable, but it still is an excellent show. And theres a reason for that: The head writer,  Tabitha St. Germain is actually putting conderiable effort in to make this a series that both girls and boys of all ages can enjoy, and cetain things(the god empress being called a Princess, there being only one major male charicter and only one recruring one of nominal importance, etc.) are hasbro dictated, but otherwise she was given free rain to do whatever and it's produced a good product. Now granted i've only watched 6 episodes at this point but i'll give a deepter in the actual review, As for this series of blog posts: this section is abotu my reactions to the episodes as I watch them.  Now it will be a bit out of order but since the show is more of an episode to episode thing, with callbacks and what not, it doesn't hurt the experince one bit.

Now this next part, the charicters. As I said Freindship is Magic has a good suply of charicters, who I will be covering here. Now just a note to fans, certain charicters are left out for a reason: Derpy Hooves because she's an internet meme and I have not seen the episode where she actually makes a full appearnce and The Cutie Mark Crusaders(from what I can tell their as cutsie as they sound) because I haven't seen their episode yet. So without futher ado do do, here's the cast:

Twilight Sparkle: Okay go ahead and give a good long giggle at thename. But Twilgiht is the main character and isn't a mediocre book series, an awful film series or angel in disquise. No Twilight is the pupil of God Empress, I mean Princess Celestia ruler of the content( or world, it's never quite clear) of Equistria. In the first few eps she's sent to Ponyville, the major setting of the series, and has to learn the power of freindship and all and after finding said freinds and conquering the evil night goddes who's actually the princess' sister who went all evil on everypony and turned her back with the power of freindship, she decided to stay and has to send the aseop of the week back every week.

Twilight is a book worm and sorcceres, and unicorn. She has Telekenisis kyle, and various other magic abilites that are too nemerous to mention. Sadly she cannot kill a yak from 50 feet with mind bullets or move you, but she is the sanest one of the cast. Granted that's not a challenge and her over analization of thign sometimes gets her in over her head. really that's about all I can say:she's the sanest one, smart and the only one who reguarly uses their magic.

Applejack:Fun Fact:Not only are Applejacks a cereal but it's also a type of hard liquor. THE MORE YOU KNOW. Applejack has a southren accent but suprisngly that's not her whole personality. No next to twilight Applejack is the second sanest, possibly just as sane, one in the cast. She's also Twilight'ss opposite when it comes to abliity: Instead of relying on magic, earth pony applejack is just phiscally strong and wears a cowboy hat. She also has a stubborn streak and like Barney Stinson will take a criticism as CHALLANGE ACCEPTED instead of "no don't do it, common don't do it". She's also a farm pony, natrually, and kicks apples off of trees and wheels a cart around, and since there are no humans there isn't some jackass whipping her to go faster, and even if their was he'd get a swift groin kick.

Pinky Pie:The other Earth Pony, her name is  indicative of her personality. She's ditzy to the point of mental instabllity but also freindly to a fault. She's also hyper and won't SHUT UP. Granted she can be entertianing and produces some of the funniest moments of the series but it varies between that  and me going SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP. She also likes to throw parties and burst into song, luckily while here singing is annoying, her freinds do what the rest of the audience is doing and stare at her wishing she would stop for the love of god please stop.

Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Dash is the brash one of the cast. Think buttercup with less rage issues and you've got Rainbow Dash,. Rainbow is a pegasus meaning she has wings and can fly high into the sky and reaches mach 1 on a slow day. She also has an obession with joining the Wonderbolts, who unlike the thunderbolts are more ponies who fly around the world and do stuff and not supercriminals working off their sentences.  She's also the first to go up to the ocasinaly monster attack the city and get smacked away or crash into something. She's also hyperactive though she's more enthusatic than... insane like Pinky.

Rarity: Rarity is the other unicorn but really doesn't know magic. But she is obessed with fashion but unlike most fashion obseesed fictional girls she makes her own desgins and is actually a well respected, if not incredibly famous, designer. She's also vain, apperance obsessed, but also good to her freinds. Granted when her ambitons fail she tends to go all sunset boullevard on everyone but thems the breaks.

Fluttershy: The last of the main 6, Fluttershy is a pegasus and is... shy. "shrugs" she's also a freind to all animals, nice polite and considerite, but is easliy scared. But don't take her lightly: you F@#$% with the other ponies and your ass is grass, and ponies eat grass and... what was I talking about again?

Spike: Spike is essentialy Twilights Fax Machine and sends her aseops the God Empress Princess. He also ocasianlly makes quips and is a small dragon. Really like pinky spikes entertainment varies from episode to episode but unlike Pinky his appreances are minor enough that if he's falling flat, he's not making me wish for the sweet release of death. He also has a crush on rarity but as is the standard she has no idea.

Well that's the mane(Badum dum kish) cast. Tune in soon as I cover the cast of Dan Vs. and my first round of episodes of MLP. Until then: Courage.

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