Friday, April 8, 2011

Dan Vs. Charicter Guide

 Another thing that didin't go much of anywhere but still wasn't half bad. Enjoy.

Tinman and The Bat: Undergrads

In my second review I take a look at the cult classic Undergrads about life at College, like me only with less wacky hyjinks.

MLP:Freindship is Magic Charicater Guide and Introduction

 Another project that didin't go much of anywhere but is still a good primer for the series.

Announcments Involving the Schudle and New Projects

Okay first off I would like to say the reason my new episod isn't up here is.... I forgot. My bad, it will be up here tonight. Second, I"m making some slight adjustments to the schudule, mostly because..

1)The Upcoming Storyline, a small one running across, has been changed a bit. As such i'm dropping my avatar and Venture Bros reviews, and since I have finals coming up in may, i'll be lucky if I get Hey Arnold:The Movie done before the end of April. But the schudle coming up is now...

Hey Arnold: The Movie(April)
Sym-Bionic Titan(Late April or May)
Summer Reviews(possibly ealier):
Dan Vs.
My Little Pony: Freindship is Magic
Archie:Return To Riverdale

2) Speaking of those two hub shows, after watching some of both, i've decided to give some of my thoughts a bit early here, since I recently caught up with dan and have been watching MLP(and before any of you, not all of you but there will probaby be a few, mock I thought the same thing about it when I first saw it, it's not as bad as it sounds) I will give some of my thoughts on the episodes here, as their watched. And just to note I am watching MLP in "Whatever episode I want" because while their is an order, there really isn't a strict progression of events.

3) I"m canceling the degrassi series. To be honest I mostly did it to try and impress boycott the caf but A) They just don't care. B) They barley stand watching it. and C) I'm just not watching it as much. My dad lost The N and The Hub buttt he did get internet and I can get Dan Vs., G.I. Joe Regnegades and MLP online so I consider it a fair trade. I just don't care about degrassi any more. I mean I still like some of the charitcters but I just never enjoyed it.

Alrigh that's all for now. Peace.