Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 5 Best and Worst Power Rangers Theme Songs

 I go over the 5 best and 5 worst themes of Power Rangers 19 year history.

Whelp I'm a starting my new sereis, animation age, based on westren animation soon, but since I'm too bushed to do a new one right away, or my upcoming Degrassi review, I've decided to do a bit of filler just for the hell of it.

Now I'm assuming most of you out there know what Power Rangers are but just as a refresher: The Power Rangers are a group of teenagers that fight crime. While the roster and powers now change yearly, the basics still stand: There are  3 to 5 of them to start, at least 1 new member joins partway through the season, they fight random monsters thrown at them by some sort of evil overlord or recently awakened ancient evil overlord, and when the monsters had enough it grows giant and they have to fight it with some sort of giant robot. I admit it's campy and whatnot but it's still quite enjoyable, though most of my watching is done by proxy through Linkara's History of Power Rangers Series, which is also the reason I got back into them. And heck even most of the camp masks some good story in some seasons.

Recently i've been on something of an american sentail researching kick, looking up both the various versions of Power Rangers and the various teams, and that includes theme songs. I've had some personal faviorites but I've also discovered some that are so horrible I can't just ignore theme. So here are the very best  and worst out of 19 years and 18 seasons of Power Rangers.

5) Power Rangers IN SPACE 
No suprise coming from the best season but some people would probably put it up higher.

4)  Power Rangers:Lightspeed Rescue

I just like this theme. It's high energy it promotes the team and it's pretty badass. But I've really got nothing else to say about it, except that Cole Evans is a badass. That is all.

3) Power Rangers Turbo

Yes this is one of the most reviled seasons. Yes it almost killed the show. But this theme song is just pure adrenline. And it has the interscetion of awesome and hoakey with the line: Rangers Set To Rock.

2) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The original is still an all time classic. This is also why Samurai isn't here: It's the same thing updated but it just can't beat the nostalgia factor. And the shouted voices don't exactly help samurai either. But Bulk and Spike do.

1) Power Rangers Dino Thunder

This is just... epic. It basically says "The Dino Rangers are coming Motherf#%^&* your screwed". I'm just paraphrasing but it's still badass and that's why it tops the list. On an ironic note, Dino Thunder is the only disney series to be on this list.... and the only one out of three of them to not be on the next list. The other two were awesome but not enough to trump the ones already here. This one just really get's you really hyped for the series and in the end that's what a good power rangers theme should do and that's what all of these do.

5) Power Rangers Jungle Fury

This one dosen't have that bad a beat.... it's the vocals that send this one here. It sounds like some sort of bad Jonas Brother's sound-alike that's trying to prove their EXTREME. Ugh.

4) Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Again this one isn't too bad musically but the vocals don't sound the least bit excited. I mean I know power rangers isn't that glamerous or what not, but geez man at least sound like you mean it. I doubt all the singers on the top 5 were that jazzed about Power Rangers but they still acted like they were... those that weren't on drugs. This is primarliy a kids show and it's not going to help it if you don't mean it. <br></p><p><br></p><p>

3) Power Rangers R.P.M.

This season is known for one thing: Being terminator meets the power rangers. I'm not joking:In the not too distant future next sunday A.D. an evil computer sentient computer virus named Vernjix wiped out almost all of humanity outside of the domed city of cornith. Now you'd think it would have an epic theme to go along with this dark and epic premise right? As Lex Luthor would say:WRONG. It's not to bad it's just too... I dunno it just dosen't feel right for this reason.

2) Power Rangers:Operation Overdrive

This season... wasn't well recived. Fandom didin't like it outside of the crossover, though opinons varied. But two things are certain: The actor who played the black ranger was an egocentric asshat(He stole a banner that was supposed to be auctioned off for the make a wish foundation and apparently acted like a prick on Rangerboards.) and the theme song sucked hard. It somehow takes a horrible rock, or whatever the hell it's supposed to be, and then if that wasn't bad enough throws in a rap. A F$%#@^& RAP. As if ranger fans didin't have enough problems, now people who mocked them about it had two raps. Why do I say two, well....

1) Power Rangers: Mystic Force

Good god. This is a worse rap, because it's the whole theme. What makes it worse is that this rap makes less sense. I mean it didint' make sense for Overdrive but, as you can gleam from the title, Mystic Force was about magicans, WHEN THE HELL HAS MAGIC AND RAPPING EVER GONE TOGHETER? THE ANSWER IS NEVER!

Well that's the best and worst of Power Rangers themes for you. Until next time: Courage.


  1. The Myustic Force one is even worse considering Disney rejected a rock theme by Ron Wasserman (who did the original theme) for this horrible rap one.

  2. Dis be some nonsense. Ninja storm, jungle fury, and mystic force (to a lesser extent) were all awesome, the only bad ones were overdrive, in space, and Rpm.

  3. great list, though i personally would have traded in Dino Thunder for SPD theme in the best list. :)

  4. I'd say space should be 2 but and zeI instead of turbo but otherwise perfect I'm tired of all these mystic force fan boys defending such a shifty series

  5. I'd say space should be 2 but and zeI instead of turbo but otherwise perfect I'm tired of all these mystic force fan boys defending such a shifty series