Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daria-Depth Takes A Holiday

 I Take a look at Daria's most infamous episodes. Things are about to get a bit Freake.

Daria is the snarky adventures of a teenager in real life, spinoff of beavis and butthead. Now the reason i'm bringing this up right away is that odds are A good portion of you won't know about the series, and that i'm about to watch the most surreal episode of the series, Depth Takes  A Holiday.

Now I don't participate in a lot of fandoms, what with it being hard to get in and alot of them being batshit insane. Now not all are and from what I've read the Daria is barring two exceptions:Shipping and The two non-standard episodes:This one and Daria! the quite good musical episode. But having never seen this and it been a while since I read the recap, it's time to see if this episode is delightfully weired, as some belive, or just shit, as many other see it.

We open to a Sick Sad World segment, while Daria and her snarky best friend Jane snarkly discuss the comertilization of the holidays. While on her way home Daria is stopped by what appears to be a giant, fat stoned cupid and a casually dressed Leprechaun. I would just like to take this opprotunitity to point out I am not on drugs right now. Stoned Cupid blows there cover already and Daria belives their crazy. The Holidays are here again because apprently Guy Fawkes Day, Christmas and Halloween are running amok and they need to get them back to the worm hole behind the good time Chineese restraunt, where Holiday Island is located. And apprently their trying to start a band. Daria is not at all convinced, as are the audince.

So both Stoner Cupid and Undercover Leprchaun try convincing her. Leprechaun tries just breathing in her face  but it dosen't work. Cupid then tries using his love magic on her to make her say the name of the person who makes her, to quote the stoner god of love himself, "Like Queen Cleopatra".  It works a little too well and she runs in terror. Her parents then uh... run to comfort her for no reason? I dunno. But just in case cupid uses a fancy contraption using his arrows on them, so Jake and Helen her parents start making out, making Daria's sister Quinn run for a shower.

Convinced she's having a nervous breakdown, and she's just gonna ride it out, daria teams up with them. They also don't want to see quinn. Just because they don't want to talk with her, not because they want to tide.  Daria asks Jane for help, btu get's snarked. When Jane asks trent about the rouge holidays band, he reveals their coming over to jam. And appear right in the kitchen. She treats them to pizza and proves her coolness.

Our rouge holidays reveal over pizza that they don't want to be holly jolly all of the time and they came here to escape, but then our duo finds them but Daria refuses to help them, stating that the band should be able to stay here if they want too. Unfortunatley they want to crash at darias and jane wants to bone Guy Fawkes Day. Man never thought I'd ever write that. Meanwhile Quinn is forced to endure her parents going at it like rabid teenage otters. Sandy, Quinns normally backstabbing bitch of a friend is surprisingly supportive and suggests she stop her parents, thinking their gonna have another child. And not to stay up late.

Daria tires to explain things to Quinn, but Quinn dosen't belive her. St.Patrick and Cupid look for help and look for help with local dullards Britany and Kevin, who talk about their sex life and look like their gonna do the oppisite. It's about this time Patrick realizes that Daria is one of the only smart people in town.

Quinn hasn't slept in a long time, and Sandi actually tries to get her to get a leave of abcesne though surprisingly not to stab her in the back, but out of genuine concern. Okay Sandy's acting really out of charicter today. I'd take time to explain this but I really don't want this to take an hour again.

Patrick and Cupid take Daria and Jane to the mall adn try to convince them their actions have consequences. But fail at it.  But Halloween decorates their house in cobwebs while Guy Fawkes Day hates america. Sheesh man I mean I know the brits have Doctor Who and the Mighty Boosh but there no need to get so high and mighty about it. Also Christmas needs christmas cookies. while Halloween plans to vandalize someones house. The Holidays are starting to wear on each other, Jake and Helen as so out of it that they can't do anything but the combination of her parents out of wack and the holidays makes Daria finally want to go to holiday island. Oh also she finds Patrick and Cupid in her closet. What.

Emerging from the back of Good Time Chinese, Holiday Island branch they head to, Holiday Island High, an even worse version of High School. Also apprently Presdents Day is a couple of dicks who bully arbor day and have taken over the school. what. Daria decides to help.

Daria and Jane go back to earth where they find the Holidays getting into a brawl, because Halloween got a job and dosen't want to share her hard earned money.  Daria convinces them to play the Holiday Island High School Prom. Meanwhile Quinn tries to initiate operation Cock Block to prevent. her parents from conceiving a third morgedorfer.

The Holdiays arrive at the prom, and at first refuse to perform but after finding out the Ambiguosly Gay Duo have taken over, arrive to return. They play a horrible song, but it's enoguh to get the rest of the holidays groving and convince them to return., and even convice one half of president days to return. Cupids spell  wears off and Quinn finally snaps and Jake and Helen go back to aruging. And everything finally ends.

Final Thoughts:

I liked it. Was it weired? Hell yes it was weried. But god help me I couldnt' find too much to make fun off other than sandy acting out of charicter. Now granted it would of worked better if it was explicity a dream episode but hey semantics. Even if it was out of nowheere, it's like MSTK3000: Just relax, it's jsut part of the show. Just go with it. It may be completly out of charicter for the show, but hey it's still funny. Sorry this wasn't as entertaining. Peace.

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