Saturday, September 10, 2011

Schudle and Mantis-Eye

I delted the old one because I decided to make some c-changes.... also Mantis Eye Experiment
Yeah for those of you who saw my previous schudule, I durn changed it again.... and will not be say durn again.
And as for the mention, the totally awesome venture bros fansite, The Mantis Eye Experment provided a link in one of their episode capsules to the site. While I did put the site in when I posted(adding something that Mike, the guy who runs the site who's full alias I do not know, forgot, as he asks most people visiting to point out if he forgets something.) he did not have to include a link to this site so it's only fair I include a link to Mantis Eye. It also helps that i've been going to that site since the shows first season and should of provided a link sooner, It just never crossed my mind.
The Site:
The Capsule:

Now that well desrved plug is out of the way, on with the schudle, witch is NOT CONCRETE. And as for my former one, which included My Little Pony:Freindship is Magic and Sym-Bionic Titan, I do plan on covering both, but for now and with both halloween and school we'll see.

The Tick: Alone Togheter: Ho Yay courtesy of one of the writers of the venture brothers!
Batman(1989):  Mogo watches the first batman movie and dances with the devil in the pale moon light
Van-Pires: Yes this exists, and if I can find it im reviewing it. It's a about a bunch of teenages who can turn into a hybrid car, man thing who fight robotic van vampires.... probably going to be the lowest quality thing i've ever reviewed but it's probably also going to be hilarious.

Also from my new spin-off series...
I Belive in a Thing Called Love: I take a look at cartoon relationships, the good, the bad, the medicore, the ugly, and the OH GOD WRITERS WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, with anaylysis.

Sadlygrove and Evagelyne: It's the story of an idot hero with a heart of gold who guards a snarky demonic sword, and a sensible elf-like girl who guards a bratty princess. Bascially your average love story.

So that's my tenative schudle. Until Next Time: Courage

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